Punta Hermosa - Beach House for SALE

Punta Hermosa - Beach House FOR SALE [ Versiσn en Espaρol ]

WELCOME!!! This is our family vacation home in Punta Hermosa, a small beach town located at 40 Km (25 miles) South of Lima, the capital of Peru. Driving time from Lima-Callao International Airport is approximately 1.5 hours, and approximately 35 min from Miraflores (the main district South of Lima). Our home has two stories, each one  independent from each other and each with its own kitchen and bedrooms.  

The complete property includes two floors (~300 m2) [ First Floor ], [ Second Floor ]
plus [ additional land behind the house (~90 m2) ]

TOTAL 390 m2



See more pictures in Google Photo

[ First Floor ] [ Second Floor ]


• China, glasses & silverware

• Cooking Utensils

• Microwave

• Refrigerator

• Stove and oven (gas)

• Vacuum machine

• Cable TV

• Garage for 2 cars

No central air conditioning is available. We provide two electrical fans located on the walls of main living areas. 


• Swimming

• Biking

• Walking

• Sunbathing

• Fishing

• Restaurants

• Do nothing ...

About Punta Hermosa:

Punta Hermosa streets are paved with pressed sand and pebbles keeping the feeling of a beach town. Some streets are curSALEly being paved with asphalt. Most sidewalks are of conventional concrete. The community of Punta Hermosa is represented by middle class residents from Lima who own these homes for vacationing during the Summer (January to March).  However, the relatively mild weather during the other months of the year allow these homes to be used as peaceful and secluded places for quiet retreats and vacationing. The surrounding areas of the town are home to native permanent residents, mostly from very modest economical status.


The water in the taps is drinkable, good for cooking and acceptable to drink. We offer a plastic 5 gallon filtered water; container refills are available at modest prices in small shops and markets a few blocks from the house, and can even be delivered to your door. The water utility in Punta Hermosa is not permanent and can be cut occasionally during the day, so we have a roof water tank and an underground reserve water tank. It is necessary to use water wisely and secured tightly the faucets to avoid running out of water. If necessary, there is a water distribution service delivery in tankers that can fill the reservoir during daylight hours. We provide you with a full reserve water tank and but additional refills are not included in the price of the SALE.


It is highly recommended not to leave valuables unattended, and your house door always closed. Punta Hermosa has a Police Station at a few blocks from our home and policemen patrol the city periodically.



[ House Video ]


Open location in Google Map location: [ CLICK HERE ]


CONTACT IN LIMA AT 51-999-26-4103 (USA: 303-549-4450)

or write to e-mail

Total area is 390 square meters (1st + 2nd floors y additional land) = US$ 380,000

More information: punta.hermosa.casa@gmail.com

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